How do I look for apartments in Denmark for free ?

Because who wants to pay 50$ per month to contact landlords

When I moved to Denmark in 2018, I was looking for a flat for a single person and so started to look at Danish real estate websites. But my quest to find a place to live started with a little surprise…

Oh Surprise, they are all the same price

If you plan to move to Denmark, you will soon see that looking for accommodation is a bit different than other countries. Here you have to pay a monthly subscription to contact landlords. At first, one would think, “Fine” but are you willing to pay 50$/month ? No I don't think so but here is the thing: you don't have a choice.

Looking at alternatives, I soon realized that there were none. These websites are all the same price, providing the exact same services. Therefore my only option at the time was to pick the most popular, so I could get the most of my money. However I realized that I was still potentially missing opportunities as flats for single person are rare and quickly occupied.

The 50$ mistake

Five months later I finally found a flat. Moving into a new place is exhausting and time consuming, so it was no surprise that I forgot to cancel my subscription. But why did I forgot ? well, it is because these websites don't warn you before they charge you for next month's subscription.

If you have an account onSpotify, you don't expect them to send you a mail before they renew your subscription, , as it is a service you’re more likely to use indefinitely. However, these kinds of real estate websites are expected to be used temporarily. As you can see with the comment above, these websites are aware that people forget to cancel, which leads to their poor ratings on reviews sites. Unfortunately, they prefer r monetarey gains above customer satisfaction.

A better alternative ?

You can imagine my frustration after five months of using an overpriced website that does a poor job to help one find a home. Therefore my friend and I decided that instead of waiting for someone to build an alternative, we will build our own!

Our idea was simple: create a real estate website that any can use for free, and offer premium services for those that can afford to pay. And that is how…

Goroom is born

After more than a year of work, we are proud to finally launch goroom: Denmark’s first free to use real estate site!

Give it a try and let us know your thoughts 😊

By Pierre Biver

Pierre is a Frenchman, software engineer and founder of Goroom. When moving in Copenhagen in 2018, he quickly became frustrated with the state of the current housing market and decided to create a free to use and fair alternative called Goroom.


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